This HSE Policy is developed to provide clarity and direction on the Principles by which the group manages it´s business by:

  • Achieving Objectives to " Demonstrate Sound HSE and integrity Management"
  • Complying with safety and Environmental policies, Codes of practice, Procedures and Guidelines


The Objective of HSE Document is to provide all staff with concise, comprehensive and structured description of all aspects of the process for Managing HSE at the corporate level and within the tea


A CULTURE of proactive HSE Management will be promoted if staff and contactors believe Senior Management to enhance sound HSE performance.

This belief will be developed by vlsreutry LEADERSHIP from Senior Management level, down to Supervisor level.

Proactive TARGET SETTTNG that involves consolations with staff and contractors and is driven individual and team performance appraisal.

INFORMED INVOLVEMENT through personally reviewing implementation at site level and in allocating appropriate resources to meet targets.


Management Policy:

  • All accidents can be prevented;
  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the Environment is justified
  • Promoting a positive culture based on improving our HSE performance
  • Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining externally certified safety and environmental management systems
  • Eliminating hazards, practices and behaviours that could cause accidents, injuries or illness
  • lmplementing controls to eliminate pollution and environmental harm
  • Providing training and resources for staff to maintain safe systems of work
  • lntegrating HSE management into all aspects of the organisation
  • Employing contractors who aspire to the same HSE standards
  • Achieve Continual lmprovement


  • Zero harm to people and to the Environment
  • To show leadership in the field of HSE Management
  • To work in a responsible and sustainable manner

This Policy applies to all sites and covers all our activities and services.

This commitment to HSE is our highest priority and will not be compromised.